Students are to arrive for class 5-10 minutes early in order to mentally prepare for class.  Proper attire must be worn in order to fully participate (attire varies for each class). A student has 1 week, after registering for class, to be in complete dress code. Please communicate via email or phone if a dancer will be late, otherwise we expect all students to be in class on time. Tardiness effects other students in the class, if late, a student must wait to receive permission from their instructor to enter the class. Habitual tardiness with no communication will result in fines.

Drop-in Classes

If your dancer is unable to commit to a scheduled class on a regular basis or if a dancer wishes to "try out" a class they are more than welcome to do so on a drop-in basis. The drop in fee is $15 and must be paid prior to attending class. Drop in payments will be applied to tuition if the dancer enrolls.


Make-up Classes

If class is missed for any reason we ask that you communicate with the studio in advance. Make up classes are offered within 2 weeks of the absence. This is a great time for dancers to try a new class that might interest them or that is similar to their current one. Please make arrangements with our staff prior to a make-up class.



There is a one-time $25 non-refundable registration fee for all dancers at Empower Dance Studio. Registration fees are to secure your spot in a session or class.


Class & Choreography Placement

Proper class placement is very important to us.  Class placement decisions are based on skill, teaching and in-class experience. A student is placed in a class where he or she will feel confident, in order to build and nurture a dancer’s self-esteem. While some dancers can become overwhelmed with higher level classes, we want them to feel challenged in order to build and grow. If a dancer is progressing rapidly, we encourage them to remain in the class through the entire session as to ensure their complete discipline for the art.


Class Attire

When enrolled in a class, students will be told the proper attire for that specific class. It is very imperative that dancers are in proper attire within 2 weeks of registering for classes. Failure to wear the appropriate attire to class will result in the dancer not being able to participate.


  • Attendance is vital for the continued growth of a dancer. If a dancer is going to be absent from class for any reason, please call and inform the studio via email or phone before class.

  • If a dancer is too ill to participate in class, they should stay at home and rest. Parents please use your best judgement.

If your dancer is injured they should come to class and observe. Many students find that they learn more by watching and observing! Not to mention this will keep them up to speed with the progress of the class.


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