Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve never danced before?

Empower is a space that accepts dancers of all abilities! Our teachers are excellent at creating an experience for dancers of all levels.

I used to dance and am looking to get back into it. What classes would you recommend?

We recommend you taking the style of dance where you feel most comfortable. Getting back into dance can be an overwhelming experience. Empower Adult Dance is about empowering you to move again and feel comfortable and safe!

I just want to try a class

You can drop-in our classes for $15. For our enrollment classes you can only drop in for the first 3 weeks of class.

I just want to try a few classes and see what I like.

The drop-in rate gives you a chance to take classes with minimal commitment. We also host regular preview weeks and workshops to try different classes.

What happens if I miss a class, I paid for?

You can make up the class by taking another class that month.

What should I wear?

Anything you work out in! We also have a store where you can purchase all items for classes. We also have really cute Empowerwear! You can purchase a package such as legwarmers, ballet shoes, and tights or leggings and a sweatshirt for discounted rates.

How old should you be?

We prefer all dancers to be over 21 years old, that’s the only requirement! Dance is for everyone!

What’s this “Cocktails After Class” about?

Well we believe in a community of like-minded people so join the teachers and your classmates for a cocktail at one of our partner bars!

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